Saturday, February 21, 2009

Better Late than Never!

So, this is SUPER late but Dan's sister, Kris, visited us at the beginning of this month. We had a wonderful time hanging out and eating way too much. First up, was of course, meeting Frankie. The persnickity cat that loves everyone but my dad, proof with the picture.
We had dinner with just Kris at Frankie, Johnnie and Luigi's to celebrate Frankie enjoying his sister. (no surprise, not my dad) Then, the next day it was off for fun meeting up with Joel and Suz at their place for lunch and general jolly good times. We decided on Indian food for lunch at this little hole in the wall in Fremont. It was good but a bit spicy for me. But, there were the others that gobbled it all up. We had the nice man take our picture of course and without too much struggle he succeeded. We all went back to Joel and Suz's apartment to digest our insane amounts of food. From there, after joyfully sitting, we head out to meet up with Joel's ex-wife and his cute as a button daughter, Alicia. We proceeded onto a coffee shop (no names, but you can guess) to fill our bellies with liquids to squeeze out the Indian food. We had a grand time while Alicia ran around like a maniac. Alas, the weather turned and it got cold, so we said farewell to Jen and Alicia and headed back to the apartment to figure out our next food establishment. Dancing to odd music, looking up "disturbed" videos (which, my god, you wouldn't believe what they call *childrens* videos, here is a link... This is what we do with the butt brothers, very odd indeed. So, Kris's friend met up with us there and we waited on a few others before deciding on the dinner place of choice to fill our gullet. After HOURS of bantering back and forth, with Kris calling almost anything *disturbing* we decided on Pasta Pomadora. Ugh, this is getting to long. The gist is we ate, drank, had donuts at a (get this) 24 HOUR KRISPY KREME!! Dan and i purchased way to much donuts, since we are not big sweet eaters. There was also ambulance activity because apparently some guy fainted out front. I of course took photos.Which I am so frustrated with the blog that I am done posting pictures. End of story. She got on the plane ok and made it home to Matt and Odessa. Good time had by all!


  1. Moonie! May I say you look gorgious in glasses?

    Sounds like you had an incredibly fun and eventful night. Still have any of the donuts left? If it was my house thos donuts would have been gone the same day they were bought.