Monday, February 23, 2009

The love of Dan's life.

This is Kawasaki Cat ATTACK! I will take over the the world, starting with Dan (please put me down mom...)


  1. Lol you are so funny!

    But wait.....are you holding your cat up so it CAN attack Tallin? Evil! rofl

    That remnds me. Just last night Vanessa and I were walking back to our dorm room and I pulled out a bag of Fritos and two kittens came charging at me (they are the dorm strays). So I gave them my fritos and felt so bad for them that me and my sis went back to the caeteria and spent out last meal plan credit for that day to get food for the 4 kittens that we feed that night. One kitten even followed up back and I gave them moe Cheetos. They were so hungry!