Monday, March 23, 2009

This is a few pictures of what was to come of the cat. He is always fascinated with baths and enjoys meowing when I blow the bubbles at him, but, he is also TERRIFIED. Well....

We gave him a bath yesterday. We also were sure to clip his claws of death before we did so. It wasn't a happy occasion and he proceeded to lick himself for the 2 hours afterwards. But, he came to and doesn't appear to hate us too much. He smells good and is sooooo soft. Tramatization complete!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This is my lovely hidey hole of a desk. It's kind of tucked back in away from the main traffic regions of the office. Those little white things on the cabinet are word magnets for Candace's stress relieving technique.(and, OMG, look at her sentences!!!!)

I have flamingos and pictures at my desk. It's got a personality of its own. It is also very CLEAN right now... I"ll have to get a picture when i have stacks and stacks of files hanging around...
This is the fish I won at the company Christmas party last year. My boss has about...a billion beta fish on her desk, it's sort of a thing here. A lot of people have them on there desks. So, I decided to "steal" this from her at the party to control her fish problem. I don't name fish, so, it's just known as Fish.This is Janel hiding from everyone and trying to break my desk...
I'm showing you my wonderful work because I GOT A RAISE yesterday!! WOOT!!!! I rock!
I love my job.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Girlie bits

So, last year my pap-smear results come back with LSIL. I went for a biopsy and it turned out, not so good. Got surgery to remove the bad cells and all is good, check-up in 4 months! My co-worker Candace, puts on " The Vagina Monologues" every year for the non-profit BAWAR. It so happened to fall on the weekend before my vagina surgery and Christina and I went. OMG, so much fun, funniest play I have ever seen and so appropriate for my surgery to follow! It was so much fun, Christina won a tank-top she bid on at the silent auction. I am definitly going next year.