Thursday, July 23, 2009

I wanna ride my Vagcycle, Vagcycle....

Yes, that is sung to the tune of Queen's, "Bicycle."
So, my friend Candace is going to Burning man and decided that she was going to buy a bike to take this year. It turns out that she was able to get a hot pink bike off Craigslist. We were at work and talking about the bike and that she was going to get a more comfy bike seat to cruise around the Burning Man city. I suggested that, hey, I can turn your bike seat into a VAGINA! Since, Candace is really into vaginas, she thought this was a fabulous idea! So, I got to work and made a sort of artsy seat. The words written around it are Woman in different languages.

Ta Da! Behold the VAGCYCLE bike seat

The happy owner, Candace!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Basin for the 4th!

So Dan and I went camping for the 4th of July with good ol' mom and pop. We went to Big Basin, in the Santa Cruz mountains.
We went up Friday and stayed through Sunday. Mom and Dad of course, got to enjoy it longer than us, but hey, it was free! (cept for food) It was also the first time I got to camp in the beloved tent trailer. Well, maybe not loved by Mom...but, we don't talk about that. Anywho, we got up there and ate lunch and just RELAXED.
No, not wine, but awesome boxed Sangria!(with orange)Mmmhmm...

So, we wound down and Dan and I brought up stuff for delicious fajitas! Of course Mom was fluttering about making sure we knew how to cook. And Dad..Dad was...I don't know where, but there. In the background noise. Did I mention how beautiful Big Basin is? It is..look..

We didn't stay up too late that night, after the traveling and eating and Sangria! we were poopedout. So, we crawled into the tent trailer..oh wait, no, I of course went to bed first. (shocker). Then..well, I was asleep and I feel asleep to them discussing my vehicle. The next morning...NINJA out of the smoke! HIIIIYAHHHHHHH...

Yes, that is a t-shirt wrapped around my father's head so his bald head wouldn't get cold. He kept offering to show us how to do it..we passed on that lesson of life. But, it was funny. Dad. A ninja. HAHA. We relaxed that morning amid the smoke of Mom and Dan trying to get a fire going..."No Dan, this is how you do it. Give me that box of matches.""See that log, thats not supposed to be like that."
Dan," That's a lot of smoke Ginger..."
"Well, crap. Let's just make some coffee. Lesli, put the camera down."

Least to say, Dad got up and fixed it cause he said our fire sucked. We had coffee and breakfast while it smoldered. That afternoon, Deirdre and Gary came up for hotdogs! and brought corn (bad idea) and fruit(frozen) a few beers and smiles. I was sick earlier and opted out on the walk to the falls. I think its the first time in 10 years I haven't walked there when I was up at Big Basin. So, I layed down for a nap while Dan read a guy's paperback romance(aka Sci-Fi fantasy). Dad had signed up for a "talent show" at the camp and it was...interesting. They even had an old guy come up and do the hokey pokey with everyone. And more embarrassing photos of my mother and husband.
It's wonderful. So, the "talent show" was mostly children singing horribly and telling jokes..sort of..or..weird skits that belong on Sesame Street. Dad was a big hit since probably most everyone there hadn't seen a Banjo before and he got the kids dancing! Plus, going to camp fire we discovered two things. One, they have a really big fire pit, but, its dangerous to have a big fire. In a large stone pit. Surrounded by dirt. And a hose nearby... Two, that's a really big freakin' tree trunk!

All in all, we had a really good time and made some funny memories. We are planning to go up and stay in the tent cabins for Thanksgiving. We sold Deirdre on the idea as she is not much of a camper(dirt and bugs) Oh yah, and Happy 4th.