Thursday, July 23, 2009

I wanna ride my Vagcycle, Vagcycle....

Yes, that is sung to the tune of Queen's, "Bicycle."
So, my friend Candace is going to Burning man and decided that she was going to buy a bike to take this year. It turns out that she was able to get a hot pink bike off Craigslist. We were at work and talking about the bike and that she was going to get a more comfy bike seat to cruise around the Burning Man city. I suggested that, hey, I can turn your bike seat into a VAGINA! Since, Candace is really into vaginas, she thought this was a fabulous idea! So, I got to work and made a sort of artsy seat. The words written around it are Woman in different languages.

Ta Da! Behold the VAGCYCLE bike seat

The happy owner, Candace!

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