Sunday, August 30, 2009

Burney Falls '09

Burney Falls, Lake Britton, 2009
Every year, Dan's family has gone up to the very out of the way, private PSEA Camp Britton near Burney Falls. And here is a tid bit from this year.
Dan and I arrived at a cozy 3pm into town. While grabbing groceries, wouldn't you know it, we get a call from Joel. They...are still in Pleasanton, we will leave the light on. Got groceries, fishing licenses, unpacked and promptly relaxed on the deck.It was BEAUTIFUL. Usually in May(when we normally go) there are a ton of bugs..not so much in August. Which, Dan was grateful for. Anyway, the rest of the gang arrived aroung 8:30-9pm. We all didn't stay up too late, apparently the car ride..was..less than thrilling with the baby and 10 year old in the same car. Anyway, we had a lovely breakfast thanks to Dan.
And then, we did NOTHING. It was wonderful. This was the first year that we brought an outside family member! And that was Chris (invited while Joel was drunk I might add). Anyway, he basically became known as the shirtless hippie in the beat up cowboy hat the whole week. He even hiked to the falls in swim trunks and sandels...and took a CRAZY dive into the falls.
Though, this I would totally raft down, or kayak, either way..

Anyway, we basically hung out on floaties in the water and a lot of beer...We all eventually had Chris fill this raft shown below with a mini keg and misc. beers and we all floated out and tied up to a buoy so we wouldn't float into the cold end of the water...was fun..till you hit a cold spot.
Among the other fun activities a was fishing: The normal way
Then, the hillbilly way...
Yes, that is a Bow, as in, bow and arrow. It is actually a bonafide sport. The line is tied to the arrow. Among the other sports these folks played our dismay, hitting golf balls into the pristine lake, State Park side:
We were appalled to say the least.

Other than that, it was Alicia's first time up here and she ended up catching the biggest Crappie we have EVER seen!
We had fun feeding the squirrels and realizing our fridge "might" be a tad too cold:

OK, so the rest of the post will look like this, because I can't figure out what happened to the font..anyway, back to the story...
I of cou..oh, now its normal..
Ok, so, I of course saw my favorite spot and EVERY year I want to jump in because it looks sooooooo clean and clear and good...but, yah, its like 20 degree snow run, not jumping in..
And, we had a good time, didn't do much except lie around and probably drank...pfft..too much beer, I think Chris actually woke up without a shirt and beer in his hand automatically. I read 3 books, Stephen King:Lisey's Story, Dean Koontz: Midnight and Coraline that was made into a movie. All recommendable. And of course, one last picture. Notice how Dan is just smiling away, ready, oblivious to others possibly falling down...what a good husband.