Friday, December 21, 2012

Beer bottle candles and cutting glass!

How to make beer bottle candles!

First, get your bottles clean by soaking and removing labels and glue and let dry completely.

You will need a small glass dish (or a non-porous container), 100% grade acetone, fire, yarn and tub of very cold water

Take plain, uncoated yarn and wrap tightly where you want the bottle cut. Thicker glass needs more string but typically wrap around 5-6 times. 

Remove string and soak in acetone

Light that sucker on fire (over a sink!) be sure you have glasses on and there is nothing else flammable nearby. Then slowly turn at a constant slow pace until the flame is just a little bitty blue flame(no more than 60 seconds)

Drop that flaming glass in the tub of water and watch it snap.If not, try pulling apart. Some glass may need 2-3 times to be broken. No, a hammer won't do it.

Then you will have tops and bottoms!

Take coarse sand paper and pliers. Use the pliers on any major jagged edges and sandpaper the the rest until the desired smoothness. You can also go get some polishing material at a craft store. You MUST use the polishing material if you want to make drinking glasses!

After they are dried completely and smoothed, take your wicks and glue them to the bottom centers. I used cake pop sticks to make sure they stayed center while pouring.

Melt wax in a double boiler fashion. I ordered a special melting pot with pour spout and scent. 

once all melted to the same consistency, stir for at least 1 minute to remove any possible bubbles.

Pour in about 1 inch of wax and let set for about 5mins, then pout all the way to the desired candle height. The wax will "dip" in by the wick once completely cooled. If this bothers you, just add a little bit to the "dip" to even it all out.

Cut wick to an inch above wax surface. And done!

I used my jewelry stuff to make little things wrapped around them. and used the tops to make wind-chimes  If you make wind-chimes be sure to use wooden beads as the "ringer" since glass or metal can crack the glass in high wind.

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